About Dr. Soroush Khoshroo

Dr. Khoshroo is a chiropractor, certified Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) practitioner, and Graston Technique provider. He focuses on sports injuries, motor vehicle accident & whiplash injuries, custom orthotics, kinesio taping, rehab exercises, and pregnancy pain. In addition, Dr. Khoshroo has been the treating chiropractor for the UBC men’s varsity soccer team.

20 reasons why your kids should get a dose of tennis!

Have you ever asked yourself why so many people around the world play tennis? Tennis is truly an international sport with millions of people playing and enjoying it. There are many benefits to playing tennis. Below is a list of reasons why tennis is such a great sport and why you should get your kids [...]

Common tennis injuries – Effective treatments

Tennis is one of the top 5 most played sports in the world. It’s a complex physical sport requiring upper and lower body movement mechanics combined with great hand-eye coordination, agility, speed, endurance, flexibility, muscle conditioning, coordination, balance, quick decision making, and mental strategy. Because of its complexity and popularity, the number of injuries [...]

8 Must-Know Principles of Exercise

During the past few years there has been a growing trend and interest in recreational activities and sports. As scientific knowledge and understanding of the importance of exercise on the human body is expanding, more and more people are engaging in sports and activities. The goals of exercise are widely different among individuals. Whether the [...]

Are you a weekend warrior or a professional athlete? A simple formula for success

There is no doubt that staying active and exercising is good for you. There is overwhelming evidence that engaging in any sport or activity and exercising regularly has many physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below: Increase strength, flexibility, endurance Increase bone, joint, and muscle health Decrease fatigue Improve cardiovascular [...]

15 Professional tips for a healthier body behind a desk

Sitting behind a work station and desk has become a modern 21st century problem in western societies responsible for many of the commonly seen issues at the chiropractic and family doctors' offices. Sitting all day long might seem harmless without any real negative consequences on the body, especially with all the fancy modern expensive chairs [...]

2015 Pan Am Games – My experience as a treating chiropractic doctor

The journey begins: I had the privilege of being part of the spectacular 2015 Toronto PanAm games as a treating chiropractor. I was selected though an extensive selection process to be a part of the medical team treating athletes alongside other doctors and medical practitioners. The position was completely volunteer based, as was the case [...]

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The Shoulder (Part II): REHAB exercises & stretches for shoulder injuries

Why are REHAB exercises & stretches important for full recovery from shoulder injuries? REHAB exercises and stretches for the shoulder help target all the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints in/around the shoulder complex For maximum and full recovery, REHAB exercises and stretches are necessary. Treatments alone are not enough in most cases. The goals of [...]

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The Shoulder (Part I): Common injuries, signs & symptoms, treatments

The shoulder joint, perhaps the most complicated joint in the body and one of the most commonly injured joints, is made from the articulation of three bones: the humerus (arm bone), the clavicle (collarbone), and scapula (shoulder blade). The joint is a ball-and-socket joint and its anatomical design makes it the most movable joint [...]

CHIROPRACTIC & PREGNANCY (Part III): Exercises, stretches, and proper pregnancy postures/techniques

How important is exercising/stretching during pregnancy? Exercising, stretching, and having proper techniques in doing activities during pregnancy are very important and beneficial in keeping the body healthy and strong, and preventing injuries. As we all know, injuries and aches/pains are very common during pregnancy. One of the best ways in avoiding injuries and decreasing pain [...]

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What is the best way to lose weight & fat? Aerobic Exercise or Weight Training?

Obesity has become a global epidemic, especially more prevalent in our modern western societies. There has been great controversy and debate between health professionals, researchers, trainers, and therapists as to which mode of exercise, aerobic vs. weight training, is the champion when it comes to losing weight and fat. The proponents of aerobic exercise, such [...]

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