“I have been living with chronic pain for the last 15 years due to several knee operations and in the last year have also experienced a lot of back and neck pain because of my sedentary lifestyle. I found Soroush through a Google search and given the consistent positive reviews decided to pay him a visit. After just one treatment and much needed spine alignment I felt significantly better. Over the last few months, with routine treatments and at home care, such as stretches and exercises that he prescribed, I very rarely experience back and neck pain anymore. Just recently we started working on loosening the accumulated scar tissue and tense muscles in my operated leg. Although it is not a fun process, I have every confidence that the short term pain will be well worth the long term gain. After just a single sessions I noticed increased mobility and lessened inflammation in my knee, which is more than any physiotherapist, massage therapist or personal trainer has ever done for me. Whenever someone asks me if I know an excellent chiropractor I always tell them to go see Dr. Khoshroo.”

Anna Solnickova

“I had been having a severe tendonitis for a few months that was making movement of my right arm and shoulder very painful, even when executing simple tasks like turning a door knob. After I started seeing Dr Khoshroo, I saw rapid improvement. I have been to many chiropractors and have always had a decent experience, however Dr K has been by far the best. He helped me solve the biggest problem I had, in a manner that was unexpectedly pleasant. Although our sessions were painful, his sense of humour made them very tolerable. Dr K is professional and ethical, but with great people skills, combination and balance which are very hard to find in one and the same individual.”

Ioana Ardelean

“After more than 15 years with lower back pain and lots of massage and physio for first time I feel less pain in my lower back just after one session with Him!!!”

Mohammadreza Fadaee

“About 2 1/2 years ago, I sustained an injury to the back of my head and upper neck, which led to constant/daily headaches, and a reduced range of side to side motion of my head. For just over 2 years i was stubborn and kept telling myself that ‘it’ll go away’ and I did nothing about it. For just over 2 years I woke up with the same headache, and used to pick routes and lanes that would result in the least amount of shoulder checking possible getting from point A to point B, as my range of motion was restricted enough to make shoulder checking while driving really uncomfortable. I had also pretty much stopped riding a motorcycle as putting on and taking off my helmet didn’t feel good, shoulder checking was difficult, and just holding my head up in the wind for any time over 15 minutes just wasn’t worth the effort anymore. Finally, about 3 months ago I had finally had enough and decided that I needed to try something. After looking into a few different therapies/options, I decided that going to a chiropractor is what I was going to try. Based on Google reviews and a location that was reasonably close to my work, I made an appointment with Dr. Soroush Khoshroo.

I will admit that I was a little apprehensive before my first visit, as it felt like any adjustment to my neck was going to end in death for sure, possibly because my head would get ripped entirely off my body. But I talked myself into it with ‘Well, at least it will be over quick’, and showed up for my first appointment.

Turns out, I need not have worried. Dr. Khoshroo definitely knows what he is doing, and was able to thoroughly explain exactly what was going on in my head/neck, and was convinced that he could cure my headaches.

He spent the majority of my first visit applying Active Release Technique (a type of deep tissue massage), and finished up with some adjustments all along my spine and in my neck. I can say that I immediatley felt better, and right away could experience more movement turning my head. I heard and felt about 4 ‘pops’ on each side of my neck, and felt instantly better. I actually really looked forward to going to bed that night, just to see if the headache would return in the morning. It did not!!! I felt so good, I rode my motorcycle to work that day, and then rode as much as I could for the rest of this past summer.

In addition to the head injury that brought me in, I’ve had other issues with my back over the years, and have had othotics in the past. Through laziness, I had never been refit for new ones when my old ones died about 5 years ago. Dr. Khoshroo analyzed my gait and fit me for some new custom orthotics (which I’ve been wearing for about a month now) and since then, my knees feel better, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, and now when I go for adjustments, my lower back no longer needs any attention at all.

Long story short, in just 1 visit, Dr. Khoshroo was able to reduce about 90% of the pain I had been dealing with for over 2 years. I haven’t had a headache since my first visit, and over the next few weeks of visits, pretty much all of my back pain has disappeared. I am now on a once a month maintenance schedule, which I really look forward to even though it is no longer necessary as I don’t have any more pain (it just feels good/satisfying to get readjusted!)

I would definitely recommend Dr. Soroush Khoshroo, and will happily tell anyone who is looking for a chiropractor that he’s the one to go to. He’s a great guy, very knowledgeable, welcoming, and the biggest thing for me is that he has let me enjoy doing activities that I had almost given up on being able to do again.”

Galen Armstrong

“Before seeing Dr. Soroush, I was seeing a physiotherapist for close to 6 months with not a lot of improvements to my whiplash and lower back injuries. I was referred to see Dr. Soroush through my RMT, and he has since improved my conditions and pain levels significantly. Dr. Soroush is mindful of ensuring long term progress and recovery, helps ensure to keep my body on track in moving progressively away from continuous therapy to strength recovery, and ensures that I am well educated of my conditions (which also helped alleviate any anxiety I was experiencing with the lack of progress I previously experienced). I will gladly recommend Dr. Soroush to my friends and family.”

Winnie Yip

Before my friend referred me to Dr. Khoshroo, I have been suffering TMD for 3 months and had to take Advil every day. The pain was all over the left side of my face, toothache, migraine, sinus sore and fullness and swelling… I have seen the nose-ear-throat doctor and inner medical specialist, also tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic, but no much progress. Luckily I got to see Dr. Khoshroo, I was very impressed by the way he pointed at the skeleton model and explained extreme clearly how the bone and muscle works. He is very kind and always pays attention to every detail. Talking to him is like talking to an old friend. Amazingly, right after the first session, I did not need any pain killer anymore. After 3 sessions, I felt almost 95% pain free! Dr. Khoshroo is so good that I am literally referring him to almost everybody;-)”

Nattolie Chilton

Extremely knowledgeable and caring. Would highly recommend Dr. Khoshroo for any and all chiropractic needs.

Hamid Shenasi – Strength & Conditioning Coach @ Forge Integrated Health

I went to Soroush to see if he could help my alignment issues and my lower back pain. He was able to quickly asses what was the root cause of my back pain and prescribed custom fit orthotics to help me as I walked around during the day. He also introduced me to his Active-Release technique which fixed my alignment issues and alleviated the built up stress and tension in my body. As a high-performing athlete, his treatment really opened up my body and allowed me to continue training at a high level while reducing the risk of injury.”

Mackenzie Branham

I have seen Dr Khoshroo twice, once for an ankle issue and most recently for a shoulder injury that was not improving with other therapies. In both cases, he did a thorough consult and evaluation with me first, giving me a clear diagnosis of what my injury was, how Active Release Therapy would work to speed my recovery and then offered me a probable timeline for treatment. There’s no question his knowledge and expertise make him one of the best in his field – I noticed improvement from the very first treatment and the timeline of appointments needed has been pretty spot on – but his approach to his patients as individuals is also excellent. He treated each appointment as if it were the first, listening to my updates and answering any new questions I had, ensuring that I was informed every step of the way and for both my injuries, he demonstrated he was as invested in my full recovery as I was. He is an excellent doctor and I would highly recommend him.

Karen Anhorn

“I tore my ACL last year and had my reconstruction surgery on May 1st. I hadn’t initially planned to have Chiro as part of my rehab and recovery plan. I spoke with Dr. Soroush Khoshroo at an event and he explained that there are new ART and Graston techniques that would significantly impact my recovery and help with removing the scar tissue. He asked me to research them and if I had any questions I can call him and ask! I ran that by my surgeon and by my physio and both encouraged it, so I actually decided to go to Soroush very early on after my surgery. It was a great call and perhaps I was very lucky to have met him at the event to be pointed into his direction. He is one of the few Chiropractors in the city certified to do ART and Graston and these techniques work! These techniques are developed to help assist with patient recovery after an injury or surgery in my case. Every time I visited him I received a boost to my recovery. Soroush deals with the injuries very scientifically. Expect a thorough explanation of why you feel the pain and discomfort at the location of your injury. Then he will actually demonstrate to you where things are tight and tense. Next he does his work on your injury and finally he gives you advice on what to do on your own to help the recovery. So when you are with him, you are able to follow what he does and why he does it and you will feel the effects of his therapy. I have never seen any therapist so focused and dedicated to helping his patient understand his/her problems and to helping the patient solve the problem. Sometimes as I go home, I receive emails from Soroush with suggestion for exercises, etc. to address a particular issue that I had complained about during my session with him. If you are recovering from an injury that is stopping you from normal life, trust me that Soroush is someone you like to have on your recovery team! Very knowledgeable, excellent at what he does, and very caring. You can’t really ask for more. I am 4 months into my rehab now and already am running and hiking. I am expected to have a full recovery by winter which is amazing, thanks to my medical team in which Soroush has played a huge part.”

Arash Haidari
“I’ve been going to Soroush over the past few years for various injuries mostly related to sport. The injuries ranged from torn groin muscle strains to back pain. He is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. He walks you through every step of the treatment, so you know exactly what’s happening. I’ve always felt better after just a few sessions with him, so I highly recommend him for any type of injury or just simple adjustment.”
Hesam Ghasemi

“I have had absolutely wonderful results from Dr. Khoshroo. His knowledge of the human body and treatments combining both A.R.T. and chiropractics have given me so much relief after many months of suffering. I love that he assigns exercises to be done at home. This way I know I can be involved in my own recovery. Dr. Khoshroo is very personable and you can tell he actually cares about helping you get better. So happy to have found him. Thank-you Soroush! Debbie :-)”

Debbie Knowles

“I saw Soroush with a painful shoulder. I had seen another chiropractor but was not convinced his form of treatment was helping. I cannot recommend Dr. Khoshroo enough! He is like a physio-chiropractor. He uses a technique called Active Release Therapy which can be painful, but it is a good pain as you can feel the muscles relaxing and responding. He also counts on participation from the patient at home with a comprehensive exercise program he emails to you with excellent pictures and instructions. I have had HUGE improvements in my shoulder and am very grateful he was recommended to me by a friend who also has had significant improvement in her condition.”

Candice Hunter

“I have seen chiropractors since I was a child and I’ve been fortunate to have been with excellent ones. I was referred to Dr. Soroush Khoshroo through a friend. After our first meeting & treatment, over a year ago, I knew I had found someone amazing. His skill & knowledge are impressive but it’s the time & care he takes with each patient that impressed me most. The physical issues I had were carefully assessed and a discussion regarding treatment ensued. His incredible toolkit of methods and modalities allow him to tackle a patients problems unlike most other chiropractors. I highly recommend him to all my friends.”

Craig Veroni

“Let me start off with telling you that I have been to almost every physiotherapist and chiropractor known in Vancouver. Dr. Soroush was able to work with me every step of the way to solve an injuries that I have had for over 2 years. He has an amazing attitude and always there for his patients. Extremely knowledgeable and always gives you the options you can take even if its treatment with other people. He is not afraid to go to the area’s he needs to solve the issues. He does everything in a mature and experience manner. If you are looking for a Chiropractor don’t look any further. I suggest to have 30 minute sessions instead of 15 as it gives him more time to properly hit every area he needs to.”

Behdad Jamshidi

“I was involved in a MVA in August 2013 which caused me to have severe migraines, and neck, shoulder and back pains. I was seeing a physiotherapist and kinesiologist but I was not getting the results I wanted. I started talking to my fellow coed teammates about my injuries and how depressed I was for not being able to run without pain. A few of my male teammates recommended Dr. Soroush Khoshroo and told me of their results, both health-wise and performance-wise. I decided that I should give Soroush a try. I recall the first time I had to drive to the North Shore to see Soroush, I was in pure agony due to the tenderness of my shoulders and back. I re-positioned the way I was sitting at every red light. Since I started treatments with Soroush, I stopped taking painkillers and I returned to playing soccer and practicing yoga and, more importantly, I am driving and sitting like a normal person. My other teammates witnessed the results and improvement to my injuries and they have also started seeing Soroush for their injuries. Although I cannot say I am 100%, I have improved significantly and I am looking forward to a few more treatments with Soroush. Hopefully, he can get me back to pre-MVA condition. Fingers crossed. I genuinely appreciate Soroush and his hard work. Soroush is a professional and knowledgeable chiropractor.”

Sharon Yu

“First and foremost, Dr. Soroush Khoshroo is an unbelievable chiropractor! My name is Gregory Smith and I am a varsity soccer player for the University of British Columbia. I have had treatment from Soroush over the past 2 years which has resulted in, both, an increase in performance as well as a decrease in recovery time. Soroush has been very influential whilst working with our entire team, since his arrival in 2012 we have won the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) National Championships twice. The treatments Soroush has completed on me have been consistently successful. He has used numerous techniques which have released muscle tightness, relieved muscle pain and corrected aligned. Soroush is a professional chiropractor that has diversified his abilities to include not only traditional chiropractic techniques but others, such as the Active Release Technique (ART) and the Graston technique. I appreciate all the work Soroush has done on my body and I highly recommend him to anyone!”

Gregory Smith – Captain of UBC men’s varsity soccer team 2013/14

“Prior to treatment with Dr. Soroush I was in pain and had been from an MVA. I had some major migraines, neck and back pain. He is very professional, thorough, friendly and knowledgeable. I have progressed and am getting better and soon will see him just for maintenance.
Dr. Soroush listens to the patient – he takes the time to explain everything. He is very thorough. He is a miracle worker and he changed my views on chiropractic treatments. Thanks to him I can start running again. Thank you so much!”

Cherine Casillan

“Dr. Soroush Khoshroo has been treating me for the past 2 years. Due to an injury to both left and right hip, with Labral tear and Femoral Acetabular impingement (FAI) , I had to undergo two arthroscopic hip surgeries. The time needed to recover from just one hip surgery is around 8-12 months. With the help of Dr. Khoshroo I was able to get back to full time soccer in just 6 months. Without his help I wouldn’t be able to get back to playing the sport I love. Not to mention, Dr. Khoshroo’s treatment helped the UBC men’s soccer team to two CIS nationals titles. Thank you for your services and hope to see you more often in the future!!!”

Dr. Ray McClanahan – Podiatrist (NW Foot & Ankle in Portland, Oregon)

“Dr. Soroush Khoshroo has been treating me for the past 2 years. Due to an injury to both left and right hip, with Labral tear and Femoral Acetabular impingement (FAI) , I had to undergo two arthroscopic hip surgeries. The time needed to recover from just one hip surgery is around 8-12 months. With the help of Dr. Khoshroo I was able to get back to full time soccer in just 6 months. Without his help I wouldn’t be able to get back to playing the sport I love. Not to mention, Dr. Khoshroo’s treatment helped the UBC men’s soccer team to two CIS nationals titles. Thank you for your services and hope to see you more often in the future!!!”

Milad Mehrabi – UBC men’s varsity soccer team

“I first started receiving treatment from Dr. Soroush Khoshroo almost a year ago. Soroush had decided to volunteer his services to my university varsity soccer team at UBC. Soroush was a pleasure to have around as he not only provided excellent maintenance and care for every team member’s body, but he also was a very friendly, approachable and positive man. His presence in our team atmosphere only added to the positive aura instilled in our soccer team culture. Specifically, Soroush perhaps had the most profound impact on my overall health during the time I was able to spend with him. I had some longstanding neck and back issues, a stiff post-op ankle and hips that operated like a rusty old door hinge. Needless to say, my body was struggling to handle the demanding load of varsity sports through weightlifting sessions and practices on the daily. Within the first few sessions with Soroush I began to notice the significant benefits of not only his chiropractic work but the Active Release Therapy (ART) techniques he was treating me with. I went from daily headaches and serious neck tightness to no headaches and a perpetually increased level of neck mobility. The ART was perhaps the most effective on my stiff ankle and hips. The chiropractic adjustments were helpful for adjusting the structure of my joints, but the ART released ligaments and muscles that had a long history of being chronically tight and restraining my movements on the field. I noticed a significant difference in my on-field mobility and performance. Upon reflection, it was quite amazing what Soroush was able to provide for our team and especially myself. Soroush played a vital role in keeping our team healthy all last year and continues to do so today. Last year, our team won the CIS national championship, the most prized accomplishment for a Canadian varsity athlete. His services and expertise served a pivotal role in keeping our players in the lineup and well-maintained. Thank you Soroush for your continued services to the program. You were and still are a quality piece to our program at UBC.”

Steve Johnson – UBC men’s varsity soccer team

“Hands down the best chiropractor you will ever see! No 3 minute crack and go here. Soroush takes the time to properly assess your condition and then applies the proper technique with various treatment modalities to give maximum results. I always feel better after I see him.”

Caradean Shariff – Registered Massage Therapist

“I had seen 3 physiotherapists and 2 chiropractors over 4 years about a pain in my elbow which at times could be felt from my hand to my shoulder. I could no longer lift weights and my arm even locked at the wrist or elbow periodically. I had made minor improvements in that time. Soroush showed me how he and I would use different therapy techniques, stretching, and exercises to correct the problem. I am now at 100%. He has an exceptional ability to detect problems, communicate the situation, and develop the necessary path to remedy it. Highly recommended.”

Peter Lye

“Before I compliment his professional work, I have to commend Dr.Khoshroo’s attitude and work ethics. He has a great personality, very knowledgeable and fun to chat with, he approaches your physical problem with a plan and follows through with that plan while keeping you updated on the progress of your treatment. He originally advised me that I need to attend his office twice a week for three weeks and then reduce that to once a week for a few weeks and eventually only visit for maintenance work. Of course, this treatment plan was designed specifically for my “set” of problems. He followed his program successfully, eliminated my problems meanwhile and eventually advised me that I only need to go in for maintenance work as I wished. I commend his work ethic, I have been to several other chiro-practitioners and even if your treatment is finished, they still insist on you going back for silly excuses. Now onto his professional work, I visited Dr.Khoshroo for several problems that I was dealing with:
1. Lower back pain: By performing adjustments which improved my physical structure significantly and giving me exercise and posture advice, he helped me significantly improve my condition.
2. Shoulder Pain: He worked on my shoulder throughout few sessions and applied kinesio-tapes to support my movement, as well as taught me some very useful exercises that helped completely eliminate my problem and my movement restrictions.
3. Bicep and shoulder rotator cuff: I injured my left bicep muscle as well as the rotator cuff in playing soccer. While the injury wasn’t significant, it was painful and it restricted my movement and ability to exercise. Dr.Khoshroo attended this problem successfully as well, by performing physical treatments, applying kinesio-tapes and giving me tips on how to prevent further damage and increase healing time.
Overall, I strongly recommend patients to attend Dr.Khoshroo and consult with him even if you have been disappointed by other chiro-practitioners in the past, I am sure you will appreciate his very effective methods, great personality, and excellent work ethic.”

Bahman Razmpa

“Dr. Khoshroo’s broad knowledge, expert diagnostic skills, well rounded experience and effective treatments have made a remarkable difference in my quality of life and fitness. I had been suffering from lower back pain for well over a year when I was referred to Dr. Khoshroo by a friend. During my initial appointment, Dr. Khoshroo identified the likely cause of my discomfort, recommended a treatment schedule and provided me with a self-care strategy. I started noticing improvements within the first few visits and following a couple months of treatment, the discomfort has now completely disappeared! I found Dr. Khoshroo to be very knowledgeable and a great communicator, ensuring I was informed of his treatment strategy and comfortable with the progression at all times. I have since referred him to two family members, both of whom echo my views of his professionalism and quality of care. He truly is an excellent choice as your preferred chiropractor. You won’t be disappointed!”

Arman G. Farahani – Lawyer

“I was visiting Vancouver and was miserable with pain in my leg. I looked at Google to find someone to help me, and had good luck finding Dr. Khoshroo. In just a few appointments I quickly started improving. He is really a great Doctor, he is a caring person that listen to you and explain very clearly what is the problem, what he has to do to heal it and what you as a patient has to do too. I won’t have to look more, he is my doctor any time I am in town. My son is already his patient and is happy too.”

Jeannette Acosta

“I was recommended to Dr Khoshroo by a friend. He is my second chiropractor, but I can confidently say that he is my last. He isn’t your run-of-the-mill 5 minute in and out chiropractor. He spends time and will carefully give an in-depth explanation about the course of action needed for complete recovery. Dr. Khoshroo, you will surely receive referrals from me! Thank you for your work with my neck & back!”

Peter B

“I have dealt with lower back pain for many years, due to wearing high heals at work on a regular basis. Dr. Khoshroo was fantastic he helped me through the pain, giving me orthotics for my shoes to fix my flat arch. I am happy to say I no longer get head aches or lower back pain. I am extremely happy I have gone to see him and would recommend him to anyone.”

Fredrick – Google User

“Dr. Soroush Khoshroo is very professional in what he does and has excellent knowledge. He cares and is enthusiastic about solving any problems you may have. I highly recommend him!”

Soccer99 – Google User

“Dr. Khoshroo is caring, knowledgeable and extremely patient. He took the time to explain to me my injuries and healing procedure and duration. Very pleased with the results.”

John72 – Google User

“Dr. Khoshroo spends a significant amount of time doing soft tissue work and ART. He also advises on different exercises as well as nutrition counseling.”

Sunshine – Google User

“Soroush has been a life saver for both me and my boyfriend Joel’s running careers! We are ultra marathon runners and, consequently, our muscles and joints take a ton of impact from hours of running. He has been able to make quick effective adjustments and break down tone with ART in minimal treatments- keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines. A very caring and friendly doctor who will ensure you are treated the best. Thanks Soroush!”

Shannon Penway -– National Mountain Running Team Member 2012/2013 – Kintec Race Team Member – Ambassador for Team Finn and 5 Peaks Trail Racing

“Dr. Khoshroo has treated me for a number of complicated injuries. (groin, hip, ankle, and a really bad knee/meniscus ACL injury). I fully owe my recovery to his extensive knowledge and innovative techniques such as ART, Graston, and rehab exercises.”

Kent O’Connor - – Former professional soccer player for TSV 1860 München (Germany) – Former professional soccer player for SV Eintracht Trier 05 (Germany) – Former player of the Canadian U17, U20, U23 National Teams – Former UBC men’s varsity soccer team

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