How long are the visits*?

Initial assessment = 45 minutes
Follow-up visits (regular) = 15 minutes
Follow-up visits (extended) = 30 minutes

What are the fees*?

Initial assessment = $105
Follow-up visits (regular 15 min.) = $55
Follow-up visits (extended 30 min.) = $95
Orthotics (1 pair) = $400
Orthotics (2 pairs) $550

What steps to follow during your first visit?

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to fill out the necessary forms & paperwork
  • These forms will give Dr. Khoshroo important information about you and your condition(s)
  • Dr. Khoshroo will review the forms and welcome you into his office and go through the following 5-step protocol with you:
    • Step 1: Dr. Khoshroo will go over your condition(s) and ask you in depth questions about the history, mechanisms of injury, previous treatments, previous health history and conditions, etc.
    • Step 2: A thorough examination will follow where Dr. Khoshroo will perform the necessary orthopedic tests, neurological tests, musculoskeletal tests, physical examination, functionality tests, etc.. to determine the cause of the symptoms and gain information about your condition.
    • Step 3: After completion of all of the examinations, Dr. Khoshroo will give you a report of finding and explain to you exactly what is going on. He will then discuss the possible treatment options, the benefits and risks of all the treatment options, other alternative treatments, and give you a chance to ask any specific question you might have.
    • Step 4: Once you are comfortable with getting treatments started, you will sign the informed consent form and give permission to Dr. Khoshroo to start the treatment.
    • Step 5: Treatment.

What to expect during your first visit to a chiropractor?