Dr. Soroush Khoshroo’s testimonials/reviews on Google

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Soroush for the last few months for a rotator cuff injury. He was able to diagnose me quickly and the Active Release Technique he performs has helped me get back to playing tennis. I was feeling a bit hopeless when I first started seeing him but I have made improvements quickly and am so glad to know I can get back and play tennis relatively pain free. Thank you!”
Ashley Chapman
“Dr. Khoshroo is fantastic! My daughter is a competitive soccer player that had chronic ankle and foot issues. He has been the reason for her recovery!! He came recommended by a Vancouver Pediatrician who specializes in sports medicine. HIGHLY recommend!!”
Mary Roka
“A beautiful new integrated sports medicine facility just off Lonsdale Avenue with great access by public transit. I love the modern style, spacious rooms and bright open gym. Plus, the online booking system makes it super convenient to manage your appointments with their skilled practitioners. Dr. Soroush Khoshroo, chiropractor, has been treating me for years through various injuries from shin splints, jammed ankles, whiplash and post-concussion syndrome that I’ve obtained from trail running, cycling, weight lifting and other athletic pursuits. He has provided me with custom orthotics, athletic taping, A.R.T., graston technique, joint adjustments, and helped guide my concussion recovery. He is a warm and caring practioner with exceptional chiropractic skill that you can always count on for the best treatment and support for a speedy recovery. I highly recommend QubeCore Sports and Rehab to get you back to your normal activities or back into the game.
Shannon Penway – Sponsored athlete, Canadian Mountain Running Team Member 2012-2013, and race director.”
Shannon Penway
“Great facility, with friendly, highly skilled, and knowledgeable staff. Dr Khoshroo is an excellent chiropractor who is able to delivery results in only a few treatments.”
Ben Rabinovitch
“My first appointment with Dr.Khoshroo was awesome. Very caring, kind and listens to you. I already feel so much better after the 1st treatment. Looking forward to my next appointments. Very clean and organized clinic. Staff are super nice. Highly recommend.”
Shabnam Saeiarasi
“I went to see Dr. Soroush Khoshroo for my SI joint injury from playing Soccer, and literally within hours after the treatment I noticed the difference and how much reduction in pain I was feeling. The facility looks absolutely amazing and professional, highly recommend it to people, especially people with sports injuries. Thank you Dr. Soroush Khoshroo.”
Arian Asgari - RMT
He is an amazing chiropractor. I’m a physiotherapist and I frequently refer clients to him. My patients have nothing but great things to say. I’ve also been treated by him and he is thorough, very knowledgeable and has great hands on skills. Highly recommend him!
Reza Ghannadan - Physiotherapist
“Very happy with Dr. Khoshroo and the staff at Qubecore. I had very poor posture and was starting to get neck pain. Since working with Dr. Khoshroo my posture has improved and my neck no longer hurts. Dr. Khoshroo is great at explaining what is happening in the body and how the different techniques he uses help to improve the body. With my posture improved I am breathing deeper which has helped to decrease my general anxiety. Not only do I feel better physically but also mentally. Thank you!”
Jessica Wagstaffe
My son and I started seeing Dr. Soroush Khoshroo this year upon a recommendation by a friend. My son is a high performance athlete, a BCSPL soccer goalkeeper, he is 6ft 5 1/2″ tall and has just turned 15. He had back pain which prevented him from participating fully in training and games and physiotherapy did not improve the pain enough to make a difference. Soroush did not only address the root of the problem in the very first session with great improvement, he also explained it thoroughly to my son, gave him supporting exercises and after only about three sessions the back pain was completely gone and has not surfaced again. My son sees Soroush now for a once a month preventative maintenance appointment and is always very much looking forward to it as Soroush communicates clearly the inner workings of his body, and he learns how to strengthen, assist and care for it so that minor problems do not snowball into big issues. My son has trained painfree 5 days a week since and played in league games as well as the Canadian Nationals thanks to Soroush!
Ole & Claudia Heath
“Dr. Khoshroo has helped me get through various aches, pains and injuries over the years. He takes great care and is hands-down my go-to for instant relief and getting back out there asap.”
Carly Gray
“I have been in Chiropractor offices since I was very young. I suffered from neck and lower back pain for many years and was at the point to believe that is how my body is and I have to live with it. I was lucky to get to know Dr. Soroush Khoshroo. He is passionate and cares about his patients. I am fully cured. I have introduced him to number of my friends and family who suffered for years and always had great feed back from each one of them.”
Bedo Kaviani
Hands down, the best chiropractor in town! Dr Soroush is an expert in his field and genuinely cares about his patients! After years of knee problems, I am finally pain free with his help. Highly recommend him.
Sogol Toobaie
Dr. Soroush is an excellent and skilled chiropractor! Not only he is knowledgeable, focused and great at diagnosis, he is very kind and pleasant. Regardless of the type of injury or pain, after two sessions with Dr. Soroush I always feel much better and can see significant improvement. Highly recommended!
Sarvjot Locham
Miracle worker! I used to think chiropractors only worked on people’s backs, but I originally started seeing Dr. Khoshroo for a knee problem I had been struggling with for weeks and felt relief after the first treatment. I’ve been seeing him now for about 5 years for everything from knee, to neck, to back, to pelvic floor issues; help with plantar fasciitis and orthotics; and even one time when I was hearing crackling noises in my ear! I thought I was going crazy, but he listened to my concerns, asked questions about my posture and computer habits, felt around in my neck, and sure enough – there was something going on between 2 vertibrae! He treats you in his office, but also recommends stretches, exercises, and hot/cold treatments you can do at home so that you can help yourself on the road to recovery. He genuinely cares about his patients’ health and wants to see them function at their best. I’m so grateful to my friend who first recommended that I see Dr. Khoshroo, and I will continue to refer everyone I know to him.
Bari Pulles
Dr. Khoshroo is truly AMAZING! I have been going to him for 3 years now for my back and ribs. His skills in Active Release Technique has made a tremendous difference on my body. I am feeling better and moving more freely. Dr. Khoshroo is knowledgeable, patient and passionate about his work. He takes the time to get to know you and your pain. I appreciate the follow up care he provides as well as the recommended strategies to strengthen my areas of focus. I used to need treatment every 2 weeks. Now I go every 3 months for maintenance thanks to Dr. Khoshroo’s hard work and dedication. I recommend him to everyone!
Sherry Nasrin
I have had 5 different chiropractors in the last 40 years and Dr. Khoshroo is by far the best. His ability to zero in on the problem and treat it effectively is remarkable. He has helped me heal many strains and injuries and his efficiency and kind manner is much appreciated.
Susan Drouin
Dr. Soroush is an excellent and skilled chiropractor! Not only he is knowledgeable, focused and great at diagnosis, he is very kind and pleasant. Regardless of the type of injury or pain, after two sessions with Dr. Soroush I always feel much better and can see significant improvement. Highly recommended!


Naz Owlia-Zadeh
Soroush is awesome! He’s very attentive, knowledgeable and has a genuine interest in making you feel better, while at the same time creating a comfortable environment. He’s a true miracle working, and I couldn’t recommend him enough!


Tawnya Sanderson
Dr. Khoshroo is very knowledgeable with excellent skills. I have seen him for my ankle injury and dizziness. After each session, I’ve felt great improvements in the range of motion and pain of my ankle. He is very patient and explains the injury and how he is going to treat it. I always enjoyed my appointments with him. Also, He always accommodates with my schedule and is very responsive. I strongly recommend him.


Pariya Raoufi
“I have seen Soroush for a number of treatments related to injuries that had a significant impact on my work as a professional Mountain Guide. The results of his treatments have always been immediate, especially with the use of the Active Release Technique at which he is very skilled. Soroush’s direct and practical approach helped me to understand the issue and to maintain the results of his treatments long after seeing him. I highly recommend him as an excellent doctor who’s polite and highly informed approach makes recovery from injury effective and pleasant.”


Pierre Hungr - Revelstoke Guides Bureau
I started seeing Dr. Soroush after a shoulder surgery and he’s a really cool dude. He definitely has increased my range of mobility and I’m always stoked to go to my appointment. 100% recommended.


Joey Bailey
Dr. Khoshroo has amazing talent. My experience and views on chiropractic treatment have changed tremendously since I first saw a chiropractor many years prior. He listens and pays attention to what my body says. I have had lower back problems since I was an early teen. He has worked them out along with getting me custom orthotics so I can continue to stay active. I cannot be thankful enough for being referred to him.


Natasha Gins
Dr. Soroush is an exceptional practitioner. I have seen other excellent chiropractors and his application of the same techniques is more skilled and effective. He has made a huge difference in the regular neck, shoulder, back and hip flexor issues I experience related to my sedentary desk job, as well as treating the few acute injuries I’ve had. I trust him completely and look forward to the adjustments because I get back to proper alignment, so all tension and pain is released. He has given me helpful cues for my posture and position when I’m weightlifting at the gym and when I’m at work and everyday life, like sitting in the car. His priority is the well-being of his patients and it is evident in the top level of care and treatment he provides. Soroush is a key healthcare professional for anyone, but his experience in sports makes him essential for those with active lifestyles and/or athletes in particular. I’m extremely thankful my RMT recommended him to me. Thank you for your passion and dedication to your profession, Dr. Soroush!


Karen Cheung
Super chiropractor, very knowledgeable with great results! Always top service and a joy to see him. I couldn’t recommend him enough!!


Ryan Sarsfield
Dr. Soroush Khoshroo is a true miracle worker. I have been going to him for various problems and he has managed to diagnose the issue and treat me in the fastest way possible. He is an expert at what he does and treats his patients in the most dignified manner.


Mahak Mahmoodi
Dr. Soroush Khoshroo is an excellent chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable, personable and professional. He cares for his customers and always makes time for them. He has helped me with my back problems and always accommodates with my schedule. He is an amazing chiropractor, he really goes up and above. While providing chiropractic treatments, he also releases tension in the muscles. I went for so many different treatments and his treatment truly made a difference and helped me. I always recommend Soroush to everyone.


Gohar Babakan
Dr. Soroush Khoshroo is an excellent chiropractor. He is very professional and friendly. His treatment is very effective. I just took twice so far. But I already feel significant improvement on my long term back ache as well as leg problems. Highly recommended!


Ray Zhang
“My husband and I have been treated by Dr.Khoshroo over the last several years. He is a caring practitioner and has helped both of us with his excellent technique. Dr.Khoshroo is passionate about his patient care and he is always focused. We have truly enjoyed working with him and now we are moving to the island. Thank you Dr.Khoshroo!”


Cathy Scott
“Dr. Soroush has changed my life on more than one account. I had a serious car accident about a year and a half before meeting Soroush. I had multiple treatments from massage therapists, acupuncture, TMJ specialists, other chiros, physio, you name it, I tried it, and I was still living with pain. Not until I met Dr. Soroush did I finally get the relief I was looking for. I never thought I would have a normal life again pain free, and here I am back to normal and if I may even say, I think better off than I was before. His honest goal is to get you better and heal the body to not need treatment anymore. I recommend Dr.Soroush to everyone I meet and I’ve had 4 close friends of mine also receive the same treatment and results form Soroush as well. He really cares about every single one of his patients. Not to rant on forever but this year found out I had arthritis in my toes as a 25 yr old who loves soccer, with in a couple weeks I has custom made orthotics and no more toe pain… he knows how to properly access clients and you actually get results.


Hannah Pederson

“Amazing results from Active Release / Graston and other techniques. I have been seeking treatment for 30 years from different practitioners and medical professionals. Injuries from several car accidents have affected my neck, shoulders and lower back. After two visits with Dr K, I told him “wish I would have met you years ago for treatment!” But of course, he was just a child then…

Seek Wellness – a gentle approach to healing.

Grateful and feeling so much relief!!!”


Sandra Prevost

Dr. Khoshroo is an amazing professional. He is so knowledgeable and caring. After trying so many massage therapists and chiropractors, I am so happy that I have found him. His treatments work. He has substantially improved my back and posture. Also, he has a great personality and I enjoy my appointments with him. I highly recommend him.


Gissou Golpira

Dr. Soroush is an incredibly skilled professional. I have been suffering from back problems for years now and he has helped me significantly. He is always courteous and polite with his patients and makes them feel comfortable. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic and rehabilitation needs!”


Jodi Pederson
“I was referred to Dr Soroush Khoshroo to provide chiropractic therapy in addition to other treatment I was receiving after an injury. While I was initially quite nervous about manipulation of my neck, his approach made it easy for me to relax and trust in his work and he has helped me enormously. He is very professional, personable and committed to finding a solution for his patients.”


Dawn Longshaw
“Came to Dr. Soroush With back pain, I was very hesitant to see a chiro as I had never seen one before, Dr. Soroush was amazing, He was very attentive and really listens to your problem, I’m now pain free! I would Highly recommend Dr. Soroush.”


Serena Vanderwooden
“Both my husband and I have received excellent care from Soroush for over 3 years sorting my neck and back issues several times. Soroush is personable, extremely knowledgeable, professional and most importantly he is an excellent chiropractor! He is passionate about his job and highly committed to his clients and their well-being. I have sent many friends to see him over the years and would not hesitate to recommend him again.”


Vibha Sisodraker

“This guy’s phenomenal. I’ve been to countless other practitioners who claim extra certification in this and that (A.R.T., Graston, etc etc) but none have ever actually applied the full spectrum to my treatment.

Best thing with Soroush is he takes his time to approach the problem from every single angle. Other chiropractors I’ve gone to focus on “just” cracking the back, with only cursory attention to the underlying muscular balance issues.

Soroush is the opposite. Extremely thorough, fantastic in his diagnosis, and very, very knowledgeable. Too bad it took me so long to find him… he would have solved the issues others haven’t been able to for years in a month or two of treatment.”

Edward M. Knight

“I have been seeing Dr. Soroush for about 1.5 years now for getting custom orthotics done to correct issues I have with my knees and weight distribution for standing, etc after being referred to him by one of my past physiotherapists. My walking since having my first pair has improved significantly.

He always take time to ensure I am satisfied and very approachable with any questions that I have. I recommend him to anyone needing an excellent chiropractor without hesitation!”

Julianna Vittorio
“I played 5 years of university hockey and continued to play competitive senior hockey. I began to experience hip and low back pain, especially during and after hockey games. I also found out that I had bony hip impingement, which was severely restricting any squatting movements. I started a treatment plan with Dr. Khoshroo, which included treatments 2x/week and recommendations to correct muscular imbalances. After about 1.5 – 2 months, my low back was pain-free and now I only require occasional touch-up treatments. Side note: I can squat again! I have gone to countless practitioners over the course of my athletic career and Dr. Khoshroo is the real deal.”
Angela Burke
“I’ve been seeing Soroush for the past couple of months for chiro, and he is amazing! My hip feels good as new! Way more effective than any other chiropractor I’ve seen in the past.”
Allyssa Keshani
“Dr. Khoshroo has been a life saver! He’s personable, professional and very talented at what he does. He’s excellent at diagnosing my issues and providing me with a regimented plan to follow between visits. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Khoshroo for any chiropractic issues.”
Suhad Mardikian
“Dr.Soroush is the BEST Chiro I have ever been too. I have had prolonged shoulder issues for many years and have seen various physios and rmts about it. Soroush helped me resolve my issues QUICK and get back to what i love doing, training. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants there problems fixed in a professional yet personable manner. If i could give 10 starts i would, but google only lets me give 5. Excellent work from a excellent man!”
Massimo Fianmore
“Soroush has successfully treated us for a myriad of injuries since we’ve been seeing him, and we feel very lucky to have someone so professional, caring, and incredibly talented at what he does. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Khoshroo to anyone looking for someone with extensive knowledge in sports-related and day-to-day injuries of the body.”
Tim & Bahar MacLeod
“I’ve become somewhat addicted to getting chiropractic work done by Dr. Soroush. My body has improved from every session and I walk out feeling fantastic, looking forward to the next. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly; I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
Talia Volken
“I went to Dr. Khoshroo with a terrible back pain and muscle spasm both in my back and my shoulder. I wasn’t able to walk, drive and even sit but after seeing Dr. Khoshroo and a few adjustments, I feel relief from my pain immediately. My back feels stronger and pain free. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Khoshroo and I cannot speak highly enough about how good he is at his trade. Make an appointment with him if you suffer any pain or discomfort. it will be the greatest decision. He has a magic touch.”
Nastaran Namdarshahi

“I have been living with chronic pain for the last 15 years due to several knee operations and in the last year have also experienced a lot of back and neck pain because of my sedentary lifestyle. I found Soroush through a Google search and given the consistent positive reviews decided to pay him a visit. After just one treatment and much needed spine alignment I felt significantly better. Over the last few months, with routine treatments and at home care, such as stretches and exercises that he prescribed, I very rarely experience back and neck pain anymore. Just recently we started working on loosening the accumulated scar tissue and tense muscles in my operated leg. Although it is not a fun process, I have every confidence that the short term pain will be well worth the long term gain. After just a single sessions I noticed increased mobility and lessened inflammation in my knee, which is more than any physiotherapist, massage therapist or personal trainer has ever done for me. Whenever someone asks me if I know an excellent chiropractor I always tell them to go see Dr. Khoshroo.”

Anna Solnickova

“I had been having a severe tendonitis for a few months that was making movement of my right arm and shoulder very painful, even when executing simple tasks like turning a door knob. After I started seeing Dr Khoshroo, I saw rapid improvement. I have been to many chiropractors and have always had a decent experience, however Dr K has been by far the best. He helped me solve the biggest problem I had, in a manner that was unexpectedly pleasant. Although our sessions were painful, his sense of humour made them very tolerable. Dr K is professional and ethical, but with great people skills, combination and balance which are very hard to find in one and the same individual.”

Ioana Ardelean

“After more than 15 years with lower back pain and lots of massage and physio for first time I feel less pain in my lower back just after one session with Him!!!”

Mohammadreza Fadaee

“About 2 1/2 years ago, I sustained an injury to the back of my head and upper neck, which led to constant/daily headaches, and a reduced range of side to side motion of my head. For just over 2 years i was stubborn and kept telling myself that ‘it’ll go away’ and I did nothing about it. For just over 2 years I woke up with the same headache, and used to pick routes and lanes that would result in the least amount of shoulder checking possible getting from point A to point B, as my range of motion was restricted enough to make shoulder checking while driving really uncomfortable. I had also pretty much stopped riding a motorcycle as putting on and taking off my helmet didn’t feel good, shoulder checking was difficult, and just holding my head up in the wind for any time over 15 minutes just wasn’t worth the effort anymore. Finally, about 3 months ago I had finally had enough and decided that I needed to try something. After looking