What if the course of your career was analogous to the thread on a long screw and its triumph/failure analogous to the depth of that screw burrowed in a piece of hard timber?

At first, it is easy to break the timber. The tip of the screw is sharp and tiny. The first few turns of the screw are easy. After a few revolutions the screw is embedded in the wood. It is standing on its own and does not need any support. But it is unstable. It is weak. It can easily be undone with a simple twist of a hand. Slowly, as time goes on and the thread keep burrowing deeper and deeper, the screw becomes more embedded. It becomes stable, secure, and unwavering. It is no longer too vulnerable to being undone. Your foundation for more steadiness, growth, and establishment has gotten stronger. But you cannot stop. You must keep going and keep turning. The thread will burrow deeper. You will be better and stronger because of it.

I feel like the thread of my career has burrowed deep enough to challenge myself and take my career to the next step. I am very excited, happy, thrilled, and nervous; but I cannot wait.

I announce my plan of opening a new multi-disciplinary sports and rehab clinic in North Vancouver in the first quarter of 2018.

Stay tuned for more details to come.


Dr. Soroush Khoshroo