Have you ever asked yourself why so many people around the world play tennis? Tennis is truly an international sport with millions of people playing and enjoying it. There are many benefits to playing tennis. Below is a list of reasons why tennis is such a great sport and why you should get your kids playing it.


1. Increases aerobic and anaerobic fitness

2. Increases bone density

3. Improves cardiovascular and pulmonary functions

4. Improves muscle tone, strength, balance, and flexibility

5. Improves hand-eye coordination

6. Increases reaction speed and reflexes

7. Helps burn more calories than most sports because it involves coordinated movements between your upper body, lower body, and core

8. Improves mood and decreases stress

9. Improves both gross and fine motor control

10. Is a social sport – improves character and communication skills

11. Is an excellent sport for networking and making friends

12. Is great for all ages – can be played your entire life

13. Has no boundaries of colour, race, religion, ethnicity, gender

14. Is a non-impact sport with less chance of a serious injury

15. Can be played all year long

16. Allows the whole family to participate

17. Helps develop life skills such as sportsmanship, leadership, restraint, individuality, competitiveness, and pressure management

18. Can be played at many different levels: social, fun, competitive, professional. You can make it what you want it to be.

19. Helps develop your brain by teaching tactical, instinctive, and problem solving skills

20. Is extremely FUN

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