5 tips to reduce low back pain while cycling

Cycling is a great exercise and activity. It can be fun yet challenging and it has many health benefits. Some of the benefits of cycling include: Aerobic workout which helps increase cardiovascular fitness Helps build muscles and increase bone mass/density Non impact sport - puts less pressure on joints Helps with weight loss Can [...]

20 reasons why your kids should get a dose of tennis!

Have you ever asked yourself why so many people around the world play tennis? Tennis is truly an international sport with millions of people playing and enjoying it. There are many benefits to playing tennis. Below is a list of reasons why tennis is such a great sport and why you should get your kids [...]

8 Must-Know Principles of Exercise

During the past few years there has been a growing trend and interest in recreational activities and sports. As scientific knowledge and understanding of the importance of exercise on the human body is expanding, more and more people are engaging in sports and activities. The goals of exercise are widely different among individuals. Whether the [...]

What is the best way to lose weight & fat? Aerobic Exercise or Weight Training?

Obesity has become a global epidemic, especially more prevalent in our modern western societies. There has been great controversy and debate between health professionals, researchers, trainers, and therapists as to which mode of exercise, aerobic vs. weight training, is the champion when it comes to losing weight and fat. The proponents of aerobic exercise, such [...]

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